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Kre8ive Supports Lyric City

Kre8ive Supports Lyric City

One of our clients, SoundRevel has created an event in support of World Suicide Prevention:


There is a raw heat in the late summer air tonight…..Music lovers of the soul journey carve their identities throughout the city.

Soul Boys & Girls, an Old School Hip Hop Crew, Breakers Lockers & Poppers, Socially Conscious Neo Soul lovers, Honeyed 90’s RnB Fans, the Collaboratives of New Jack Swing, Soulful and Classic House Heads, UK Garage Influencers, Funk & Boogie dancers and the Freshest Independent Souls.
The thumping bass as always is your cue and the soulful sounds summon you. There’s elec-tri-city, the streets are spilling creativity; these are the decades that never sleep, where the party never stops and the night is always young. Eight hours of music that was born in the minds of our time, on street corners, in bedrooms and the takeover of tucked away venues.

The original DJ’s will be taking you on a musical journey that spawned music revolutions…. 

in the City that is Lyrical.

Lyric City – a bespoke annual event. Game changing, groove changing, an ode to the musical geniuses of our lives.

Founded to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention and Mental Health.

Tickets are still available at:

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