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Our traditionally trained, craft-based team has a wide breath of experience across all design disciplines.
For over 30 years, we have worked hard to create award winning, innovative designs for our clients
and to build strong, lasting relationships.

From packaging to point of sale, corporate identities to digital media,
we have have the depth and experience to elevate your brand to the next level.

Vonziu Dog Food Packaging

Packaging Design

Excellence in packaging design is about both form and function. Packaging on a supermarket shelf has less than three seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. Considering that more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the shelf, we can help you to get your packaging right.

Abbott Ipad

Digital Media

The days where design was limited to print and packaging are long gone. Kre8ive Partners are constantly pushing the boundaries to find new and interactive ways to present information. We can work with you to create websites and digital media to make your company stand out.

Sound Revel Logo

Brand Creation

To build a brand, you must first come to know it, to love it and to understand where you want that brand to be. With our passionate and creative design, Kre8ive Partners will work with you to help to build your brand into a market leader.



Kre8ive Partners are a UK based, International Award Winning, Graphic Design and Digital Media Agency with over 35 years of experience in the design industry. We specialise in creative design for Packaging, Brochures, Branding and Point of Sale, as well as Website Design and Interactive Digital Media.


Our Senior Creatives

Mark Turner

Mark Turner

Creative Director / The Big Cheese

Our Creative Director, Mark Turner is a highly experienced designer with a proven track record of working in the retail and private sectors of the graphic design industry. He is a traditionally trained designer with over 30 years of experience, and is known for his innovative and forward thinking designs.


Mark is passionate about all aspects of design, but his greatest love is packaging.


He has won multiple International Design Awards for packaging and branding and is a member of the International Association of Designers (IAD) as well as the World Design Consortium. His favourite quote is: ‘A day without laughter is a wasted day’.


Susan Turner

Susan Turner

Digital Media Director / Muffin

Our Digital Media Director, Susan Turner works with our graphic designers to create innovative digital media and systems including websites, iPad presentations, PDF product portfolios, and electronic interactive forms.


Susan works with our clients to develop and administer high quality, user friendly websites, iPad presentations and digital media that truly meet their needs. It is not about throwing technology at a problem, but instead, creating designs that will help our customers to sell their products.


Susan has worked in a multitude of roles include Marketing, Account Management and Business Analysis and she can help to bring out the best in your company.

Tony Ford

Tony Ford

Senior Designer / Sausage

Tony Ford is our Senior Designer and makes up the third member of our design management team. Tony has worked for over 30 years on design projects ranging from designing 300 page brochures, to exhibitions, to monthly magazines to corporate branding.


Tony has a wealth of experience in print management and liaises with our multiple partners to ensure we get the best quality and prices for our clients.


With his years of experience designing brochures, posters, point of sale and branding and his experience as a printer, Tony can bring your corporate publications to life.

International Design Awards

A’Design Awards

Kre8ive Partners was awarded another two International Design Awards from the very prestigious A’Design Awards in June 2019, adding to the June 2018 and

June 2017 Awards.


Our work is on display at the ‘MOOD’ Museum of Design in Italy, from there,

the exhibition goes to China, India, America and Europe, a truly International treatment for our designs!


Mark, our Creative Director is now a Creative Partner in the World Design Consortium and a Creative Member of the International Association

of Designers.

German Design Awards

We have been awarded a second ‘German Design Council Award’ in February 2019. This is our fifth International Design Award in less than 30 months!


The German Design Council is regarded as one of the world’s leading design institutions. They are all committed to a design concept that is capable of creating cultural as well as economic values.


The German Design Council is one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design.


The Pentawards are recognised as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. They are open to all those who are associated with the creation or marketing of packaging from every country in the world. The primary mission is to increase the stature of packaging design and those who create it.


Each year, packaging from around the world is judged by an International jury

of 12 highly respected designers and packaging design directors from major companies. The jury selects the winners based on the creative quality and the marketing relevance of the works presented.


In 2016, Mark Turner, our creative director won GOLD for his Vonziu Elite packaging design.

Muse Awards

The Muse Creative Awards is an International competition for creative professionals who possess the unique ability to inspire with a concept, idea or design – whether through traditional materials or electronic media. More than pay checks drive creative people to perfect their craft, they follow the spark of an inner muse, lighting the path to success with deep knowledge and shining originality.


The Muse Design Awards honours those with the ability to see the landscape we live in – and shape it to design a better tomorrow. Packaging designers, interior designers, automotive and fashion designers, product and graphic designers

are the lifeblood of our society – one of evolution toward a brilliant and sustainable future.


Kre8ive Partners have won two awards this year, a Muse Creative Award for brand design, and a Muse Design Award for packaging.

Passionate Design

Design at its best captures the eye, appeals to the heart and satisfies the mind.

At Kre8ive Partners, DESIGN is our PASSION! This is more than just a job for us…it is who we are!

Our customers